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Jack Ash Trail OverviewJacksonville to Ashland Proposed Trail System: “Jack-Ash” Trail

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The Siskiyou Upland Trails Association (SUTA) develops and maintains a non-motorized community trail system focused on the ridges between Jacksonville and Ashland – including Bald Mountain, Point Mountain, Anderson Butte and many unnamed mountains.

Our community trail system currently includes the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail – an historic and state-scenic trail with seven trail heads totaling about 26 miles for equestrians, hikers, runners, and bicyclists.

The Jack-Ash Trail is a new trail being developed in two phases:  Phase 1 connects both ends of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail using new trails and existing dirt roads creating about 42 miles of trails and loops, all located on federal lands managed by the Medford BLM. 

Phase 1 of our trail was approved by the Medford BLM in September 2016 and construction began November 6th, 2016.  We hope to open this trail by Spring of 2017. Phase 2 of the Jack-Ash trail planning and development will occur over the next several years and connect to the Jacksonville, Ashland, and Applegate Ridge Trail systems. The Phase 2 route is proposed through federal lands managed by the BLM and the US Forest Service, as well as private property.

Jack-Ash Trail Construction – December 10th 2016

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On November 17th, 30 people rolled up their sleeves and constructed a new section of the Jack-Ash Trail as it heads towards Griffin Lane. Great fun, highly satisfying and everyone voted to complete this section of the trail at the December work party.

So come and join us completing this section of the trail! For those of you who did not make the last work party, this will be a great opportunity to learn new trail building skills, see a trail take shape and know you played a role in the process.

For the hardy crew who came out in November, we would love to have your wonderful help again! We will have home-baked trail treats and a great lunch for you.


Where: Meet at the corner of Griffin Lane and Sterling Creek Road and we will carpool a short distance to private property to access the trail.

When: December 10th 2016, Saturday 8:30AM-1:30PM (includes lunch)

What: Help complete a section of the Jack-Ash Trail near Griffin Lane. We will work in teams and provide plenty of coaching for what needs to be done to create a new trail.

What to Bring: Wear comfortable hiking or work boots, dress in layers and bring gloves. Bring water and whatever special snacks you like. If you have them, please bring loppers, a pruning saw or a tread tool such as a Pulaski, grubber, rake or sturdy shovel.

RSVP: If you plan to come, please email SUTAoregoncontact@gmail.com so we can plan the work party and food! Thank you!

2017 Work Party Schedule
Jan 21st, 2017 – Sterling Mine Ditch Trail -location to be announced
Feb 18th, 2017 –Sterling Mine Ditch Trail – location to be announced
March 18th 2017 – Sterling Mine Ditch Trail – location to be announced

Hope to see you December 10th!
Hope Robertson


Heave Ho! Let’s Get Started! Jack-Ash Trail Begins!

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On Sunday, November 6, 2016, members of the Medford BLM and the Siskiyou Upland Trails Association, armed with chainsaws, began an impressive effort to build the Jacksonville-Ashland trail, a.k.a., the Jack-Ash Trail.  Branches were heaved, poison oak was pulled, and dead trees dragged off the trail.  Slow slogging and dense manzanita in places didn’t stop the crew, who finished nearly 3/4 of a mile of trail.

This morning, the Northwest Youth Corp northwestyouthcorpsarrived and has begun work on the tread.  Huge kudos to these hard-working volunteers, who have helped to make the Jack-Ash trail a reality, after years of planning and effort.

PLEASE come join us for the first Trail Work party (all the info here)this season on  November 19th  and see for yourselves the progress—a tasty lunch and snacks will be served, as well as,  huge servings of comradery!

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We hope you can join us November 19th!

 See you there!