The 2018 Trebuchet Pumpkin Chunkin Fundraiser

Save the Date for an over-the-top fun SUTA fundraiser:

The Trebuchet Pumpkin Chunkin

 Saturday ~ October 6th, 2018

from 12 – 5 PM

at LongSword Vineyards


LongSword Vineyards (west of Ruch on Hwy 238) has graciously allowed us to take part in their annual Fall Harvest Festival.

Long Sword Vineyards Sitting

Paint your projectile, aim for accuracy or try to fling the farthest, prizes will be awarded. Numerous local businesses have generously provided funds and donated services and materials to help sponsor the event.

The test run of the Trebuchet sent a 4 lb ball 125 feet.  How far do you think you can hurl a pumpkin?

Come Join Us

and have loads of fun while we raise a few dollars to benefit the trails!

In true castle-storming form, SUTA will be raising funds while you launch pumpkins at a straw bale castle wall. If you are wondering what a trebuchet is, it’s a medieval siege engine used to hurl projectiles at attackers or castle walls. While we don’t expect to be defending ourselves from anything attacking us at the event or on the trail, we do expect to have a great deal of crazy fun while raising funds for future trail development and maintenance.

Lon Sword Vineyards

So aside from the opportunity to hurl your pumpkin using our fabulous Trebuchet built by the local Sterling Creek Men’s Literary Appreciation Association (it’s a long story), come sip wine, listen to music, taste goodies from the food truck and enjoy yourselves.  Activities for all ages.


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